Decided to re-draw all icons for my lads which I currently got listed on Some had more art (like Deborah) but some didn't have anything at all, except shitty doodles from over year ago.

Deb was first after working on sona and drawings for Cat (yeah, pink cat got a name and it's just Cat(herine)). Would like to get a fullbody ref for her, since her design and outfits are pretty much set and don't change that much.

Ian is basically a lad I always want to talk a lot about but when I want to I fail, maybe because from pretty much irrelevant character who existed for comic relief he became probably my most important character (for me) which got... incredibly personal?

Actually drew her second, but I don't much care about order here. Sheila is one of side characters in that story I can't really narrow down. Somewhat important but trying to explain anything before any writeup about my ideas would just confuse everyone.

Kitty Devon! I finally got around to drawing slightly updated ref for my sona, which after a long time is set and won't change. She's an European Wildcat, basically a exotic brown tabby housecat but with rounded tail and it's just more fluffy and bigger.

For now I switched from previous outfit which basically was what I wear myself usually, took out the shoes and made her just more comfy >:3c Tried glasses too, honestly I'd like to change my frames for something like this irl, since my current ones aren't what I actually want and any sort of frame annoys me to hell.

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