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Inspired by some people around neocities, since now I have a proper space for it, I decided to run small art journal where I note various things, thoughts, techniques and links (or maybe this will be good enough for own page I guess?) mainly not to forget it but also to track my progress and explorations.

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20th February 2022

Some notes about working with gouache after a good while of not touching it

I think it was a good while since I used any colored media since currently I'm just a bit more about just inks, working on my line weight and form described only by lines which is a thing worth doing - you improve lot of skills because of it but after a while I wanted to go back to something else.

Gouache is a medium I like but I seemingly can't find a way to use it, since with painting I'm pretty much torn between blending colors nicely or using more graphic, shape driven style. It has advantages for both, like you can mix dried colors really nicely but on the other side it dries pretty quickly. Yesterday I took out only black and white jars I need to finish to play around with grayscale and mixing, I noticed some things I need to remember about and are just fun: