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Welcome to my small home on the web! Some of you might me know from matfloor.net which was my personal homepage for a good while, though now it's destined to be my more "professional" showcase of creative work. I tried to make it personal, experiment with various layouts and just have fun with wonky, unfinished things but it seems it wasn't the case. Thanks to Somnolescent I finally have my comfy place on the net I always wanted.

devon.somnol is basically a place where I have just more creative freedom, things don't need to be slick and polished and most important thing is fun and comfort. I can toss here things I like, talk about music I listen to, dump my practice drawings or simple doodles, write some journal posts and just don't worry if it's perfect. Really freeing.

Site is constant work in progress, it grows outwards and isn't locked to defined categories. Things flucate, I make unique layouts for each page or subsite, I experiment a lot. Not a lot of pages is up here for now, but it will soon change >:3c

Updates! (will be moved when it grows too big and by date of addition in my working copy)

28th February 2022 added journal (actually just needed an index), music and art got an index page.

20th February 2022 added art section. Added pages: art journal, half-done: matchy.html

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