A little library page, mainly to keep things clean and decent inventory of books and magazines I currently own. Magazine pages feature a bit of publication history too, since two of these pretty much seem to never had it properly compiled.

Currently small, but pretty interesting library of design related books, currently from 1999-2002. No other stuff I own here for now, but in future will list my prose books too.
Dazed and Confused magazine (1991 - now)
Page still in works. Partial publication history and issues of one first new takes on stale The Face magazine.
The Face magazine (1980 - 2004, 2019 - now)
Biggest dinosaur of all of magazines in my collection, but The Face (and also i-D) was seminal magazine which launched a completely new format of magazine targeted towards young adults, containing a nice, slick package of fashion, art, culture and music. Recently re-launched, but seems to not fare well for me. Bit of publication history (1996-2000) with my current collection.
Sleazenation magazine (1996 - 2004)
Proto-hipster bible known more for fact that it was another magazine that Scott King ruined changed completely, after i-D since all what is easily available on the web is after 2000, though it was after all one on first magazines focusing on alternative electronic music (before it hit mainstream later) and clubbing lifestyle.

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